Floor Display: The Complete Guide


A floor display is a handy tool for any business, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Floor displays allow you to promote your business at events and conferences, as well as in stores and shopping malls. It allows you to visually promote your business and give your products the needed edge. Here is the complete guide to floor displays and how they can help your business.

What is a floor display?

Floor displays are a type of visual merchandising that involves placing products or other items on the floor of a store to attract customers’ attention. Floor displays can be a great way to promote specific items, create a particular atmosphere, or provide an attractive and inviting space. When used effectively, floor displays can be a powerful tool for driving sales and boosting profits.

The importance of a good floor display.

It’s as simple as this: if you want to sell more products, you need to make sure your product is visible. That’s where floor displays come in. When you’ve got a good floor display, people can see what you have for sale and then maybe even buy it!

A good floor display can help you sell more products. If a customer sees something they like, they’re more likely to buy it if they don’t have to go searching through a bunch of other products first. They’ll just grab what they want and go! It’s easy and convenient.

You might be thinking that this doesn’t matter much because it’s just one product but what if every time someone buys something from your store, they tell their friends about it? And what if those friends decide that they want to buy things from your store too? Pretty soon, all those customers will be coming back over and over again because there are always new things being sold there!

Planning Your Floor Display: Location, Timing, Budget

When planning your floor display, it is essential to consider the location, timing, and budget. Choosing a location for your display is a matter of foot traffic and visibility. It should be visible to potential customers. Timing is also essential, as you want to ensure your display is up during peak shopping. Budget is another crucial factor, as you want to ensure you stay within your budget for the project. When you consider these factors, you can create a floor display that will attract attention and generate sales.

Designing Your Floor Display: Concept, Layout, Graphics

When planning your floor display, there are three key elements to remember: concept, layout, and graphics.


  • First, you need to develop a concept that will capture the attention of shoppers and persuade them to stop and take a closer look at your products. This means thinking creatively about what will make your display stand out.
  • After you have a concept, you need to lay out your products in an appealing way that will lead shoppers through your display. This means considering things like product placement, signage, and overall aesthetics.
  • Lastly, make sure your display is professional and visually appealing, with eye-catching graphics that support your idea.

With these three elements in mind, you can create a floor display that will help boost your sales and attract new customers.


Floor Displays help businesses, organizations, and retailers worldwide engage with their customers, clients, and visitors. These displays are great for all sorts of different purposes. From trade show displays to real estate and property sales to retail marketing, floor displays help businesses entice you to come and visit them.


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