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Billboard Prints

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Product Description

Billboard Printing

Custom vinyl billboard orders is a very easy process and our team will step you through the process. Our normal turnaround time is 3-day printing plus ground shipping. If you need billboard vinyl printing in a hurry, just let us know, and we can print your billboard in a day for a minimal rush fee. We take same day print requests and take pride in our work!

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Print Options for Billboard Printing

We offer a variety of different upgrades to fit your budget and your billboard location needs.

  • 1 Pass-300 dpi (Billboard Mode) 24 Months/30’+Viewing (Great option for prints that are seen from a distance!)
  • 2 Pass-300 dpi (Banner Mode) 36 Months/15’+ Viewing (Give large prints and extra pop and fading protection) Our most popular option!
  • 4 Pass-600 dpi (High Quality Print Mode) up to 36 Months/Up Close Viewing (Perfect Option for Banners and In-Store Graphics)

Ink and Material Specs:

We use UV and Solvent inks for our printing projects. These types of inks are stand for the billboard industry. Our custom billboards and banners use High Quality UV Ink & Glossy Vinyl to resist fading and results in more vibrant print colors.

Designed to withstand temperatures as low as -55 degrees Fahrenheit.Vinyl Specifications. 13oz vinyl flex or 7oz vinyl flex.

We would advise not installing a billboard in temps below 20 degrees. Your billboard vinyl might start cracking when being stretched!


Custom vinyl billboards can have seamless printing up to 16′. If you have a jumbo billboard over the 16′ width there will have to be a seam. Heat weld seams are not visible from the hwy, therefore it should not be concerning. Billboards are typically not seen up close so this should not be an issue to contend with. Please take time to read our warranty information. A standard Billboard has a lifespan of 2 to 3 years and this is typical of an outdoor advertisement.

Removing Creases from the Billboard Vinyl:

Outdoor Banner Installations:

Billboards installations are stretched nice and tight. Creases will come out from the sun rays almost instantly. Take a moment to read about billboard installations.


A vinyl banner can last for years if you care for it and store it properly. Here is how to clean and store your banner to make sure it lasts as long as possible.

Billboard Cleaning:

  •  Keeping your banner clean puts out a good impression. We recommend not using any aggressive cleaners, as they can destroy the color print. Use a non-abrasive cloth and avoid all cleaning pads.
  • Vinyl billboards must be cleaned using an un-abrasive method. Most importantly, do not use any solvents when cleaning your custom billboard print. We suggest wiping down your full color banner with a damp and soft cloth, ensuring not to use any abrasive cloths or paper towels when doing so.
  • If your damp cloth with water will not do it and you need to get it cleaner, we suggest you use a mild soap/water solution on your banner. Make sure to rinse with water completely to remove soapy residue.
  • It is very important not to use any severe or harsh cleansers or solvents of any kind. Because it may affect the quality of your custom banner. Also, be certain your vinyl banner is dry before putting your custom banner in storage.

Storing your Billboard Vinyl:

  •  Make sure that you are storing your billboard properly when you have to put them away. You want to make sure that you are not folding the banner ink to ink, putting the printed side of ink touching the other side of ink will potentially stick together and damage the print.
  • Make sure to place a piece paper between the first fold of your billboard in order to avoid ink to ink.
  • Do not store the billboard in a hot place or where it has sun exposure. Or in a cold place, like your car trunk or a storage unit. Room temperature and dry location is best for prolonging the life of the ink and the banner itself.


Is there a minimum I need to purchase?

No. You can order any size billboard!

What type of payment can I use?

All orders are prepay and we accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Paypal. We also let you pay after the design and order is set up. Just select “Pay after approval” on checkout and we will email over an invoice. Some of our customers have net 15 or 30. These customers have established a good payment history with us prior.

What file types can I upload?

We accept Photoshop and Illustrator files as well as high resolution pdf, tiff, jpg etc.
Art should be designed @ a scale of 1″ = 1′ at 300 dpi. Convert all text to outline paths. Use PMS pantone colors whenever possible and always set document up as CMYK.

Your price is lower than other places, how is this possible?

Seems to good to be true. We offer design and printing all in one price. We have been doing this since 2007! We work in volume to set our cost low and pass these savings on to you. We print in and ship to the USA only.

What is the print resolution?

We have multiple options. We have 1 Pass which is standard billboard quality, 2 Pass which is an upgrade for billboard prints and 4 Pass which is High Quality.

How would a standard billboard wrap be finished?

A standard 14’ x 48’ bulletin would have a 6” bleed inclusive of a 3” pocket on each side making the finished size 15’ x 49’. Most billboards are finished out this way. However there are exceptions and we will accommodate to any finishing need you require.

Which weight material do I need?

Billboards are typically printed on 7 oz. If you are ordering a bulletin billboard for Lamar, Outfront, Clear Channel, Adams, Fairway etc. they will only install the 7 ounce material (THEY WILL REFUSE HEAVY WEIGHT MATERIAL). If your project has special requirements for heavy weight material, we carry 13 oz.

How much is shipping?

Depending on size typically orders ship for a flat rate of $18.00. Billboard vinyl that is oversized (over 1000 sq. ft.) typically have to ship freight and we will email you a separate rate for that.

What is your turn around time?

Most billboard orders ship in 3 business days from order submission or proof approval. We offer same day printing if possible for a fee of $100.00. Depending on when you approve your print depends on how fast we can get your project printed and shipped out.

We have more FAQ questions answered by clicking on the LINK

Watch our video to see a billboard installation take place.

Some billboard installers use bucket trucks and some use ladders. There are various ways an installer might choose to install a billboard. However the best way is “safety first”! Always use a harness! This could save your life. Choose a billboard installer that carries his or her own liability insurance and make sure they add you as “named as insured” on the policy. If your installer is not an employee of your company please make sure your contract laborer signs a contract that includes safety practices and that they will always carry liability. We would recommend talking with your attorney about best practices when hiring an installer. This video is just an example of what a typical installation looks like. First step is ordering your billboard print!

Please view our recommended billboard fabricators! BILLBOARD FABRICATION

Billboard Sign Builder

Please view our more detailed graphic guidelines spec sheet. LINK

Photoshop File
1. Open a new document.
2. Set your width and height scaled at 1 inch = 1 foot. Do not add bleed
3. Set your resolution to a minimum of 360 dpi. (Billboards)
Set your resolution to 720 dpi for high resolution print upgrades. (Banners)
4. Set your document color mode to CMYK, and the color profile is set to US Web Coated (SWOP) v2 . Do not send files in RGB mode.
5. Once artwork is complete, flatten all layers and save as a Tiff with LZW Compression.

Illustrator File
1. Open a new document.
2. Set your width and height scaled at 1 inch = 1 foot.
3. Set a 1 inch bleed to your document width and height.
4. Set your document color mode to CMYK. Do not send files in RGB mode. Your project will be converted to CMYK and there will be a difference in color
5. Save file as a high quality PDF or AI