Print Options

Print Options for all Substrates

The ink head is 2″ and we offer pass upgrades for prints that will be seen from a distance and prints that will be seen up close. We offer a variety of different upgrades to fit your budget.

1 Pass-300 dpi (Billboard Mode) 24 Months/30’+Viewing (Great option for prints that will be seen from a distance!)

2 Pass-300 dpi (Banner Mode) 36 Months/15’+ Viewing (Give large prints and extra pop and fading protection)

4 Pass-600 dpi (High Quality Print Mode) 36 Months/Up Close Viewing (Perfect Option for Banners and In-Store Graphics)

9 Pass-(Fine Art Mode) 36 Months/Detailed Viewing. (Much Richer and Deeper colors)







We offer Matte and Semi-Gloss prints

You have a choice of Matte or Semi-gloss finishes. All our materials are designed for both indoor and outdoor billboard and wall mural advertising applications. We use UV, Solvent and or Latex inks for our printing projects. Anti-mildew, anti-UV, and flame retardant. Our gloss banners are printed at 360 dpi or 600 dpi and have a beautiful glossy finish to make colors pop! Our turnaround time is 3-day printing plus ground shipping. If you need a banner in a hurry, just let us know, and we can print your banner in a day for a minimal rush fee.

matte                                                                                                                                         semi-gloss


Vinyl Characteristics:

• We use UV, Solvent and Latex inks designed to resist fading for 2 years.

• PVC on the outside layers and an 800 denier polyester scrim inside.

• Black-backed material is standard unless white-backed vinyl is specified.

• Our billboards and banner use High Quality UV Ink & Glossy Vinyl to resist fading and results in more vibrant print colors

• Anti-mildew, anti-UV, and flame retardant.

• Meets NFPA-701 (National Fire Protection Association, the governing national body) guidelines for flame resistance.

Vinyl Specifications