Billboard Installation

We have new installers or billboard owners call us all the time asking about billboard installation. And it is rather easy….depending on how much you like heights.

Usually hardware will cost $40.00 to $120.00 per billboard face depending on size. Key items needed for installing your billboard will be ratchets, clips, gripper rods, ladder, safety harness and a diaper. Ok….forget the diaper but some people might bite off more than they can chew when climbing up a tall structure. I recommend hiring a seasoned installer with liability coverage.  Some installations might be closer to the ground and you can become a do-it-yourself’er. Watch our billboard installation to give you more tips


Give us a call for more installation instructions. We also offer free graphic design with your print. We handle from start to finish! 580-326-1660


Billboard Installation

Gripper Rods


Heavy Duty Ratchets