Effective Billboard Campaigns

Effective Billboards

Why Invest Time?

An effective outdoor ad campaign can yield some very profitable results for businesses both small and large. If you’re a bit skeptical of the idea of outdoor advertising and think that most people drive by billboards without giving a second glance, then you should probably consider all of the successful brands that utilize them. A large brand like Starbucks or McDonald’s isn’t going to waste their money on something that doesn’t work. It’s just that simple. Here are some strategic ways that will make your billboard pay for itself in no time….


Get Creative / Effective Billboards

As I was driving down the highway in the Dallas area, I noticed this billboard by Chick-Fil-A. It’s a pretty simple billboard with a standard message. However, the way that the words were spelled forced me to look at it a little longer to figure out what the message was saying. This was a very effective technique by the company. By having creative billboard advertising, it held my attention and made me interact with the billboard rather than just driving past it. That’s the key, a little creativity and interaction can take a billboard a long way and bring more attention to your business.

Use Social Media

As many people have come to realize, Social Media is really popular. The importance of it for a business must be taken seriously. It is an advertising tool all on its own. However, the integration of traditional outdoor advertising and social media could make for some very profitable results for a business. For instance, it could be as simple as adding your Facebook or Twitter on the billboard or, if you have a particular memorable billboard (because I hope you followed step 1), then you could encourage customers to post photos of themselves next to it on your page. This effectively increases interaction, while also spreading the word about your business through Social Media. Billboards can be social too!


Choose Interesting Spots                                     

I’ve touched on the topic of Ambient Advertising in a previous article. Basically, it allows the company to get creative, not only with the design, but the placement and the way that the viewer will interact with the ad. Moreover, ideas like this actually place the ad closer to the potential customer and catches their attention in many different ways. Now, a company doesn’t have to go as extreme as some of the other ambient advertisers, but it just shows that a little bit of consideration and thinking out of the box and take an ad a long way.


Test Your Billboard

In this paragraph, I am going to encourage you to take your billboard ad for a test drive! Show your design to those who are interested in your brand. Ask them if they understand the message after looking at it only 5-10 seconds. Do they understand the concept? Would it grab their attention? Is the font and other things easily readable from a distance? These are things to consider when looking for a profitable billboard and incorporating the help of others can definitely boost your ROI. Quick Tip: Print out your billboard design on paper. Tape to the wall and stand 8 foot back. What pops out at your first?

In conclusion, Billboards Etc would love to help with your billboard concept. We have some of the best customer service around!

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