How to Install a Billboard

Billboard installation can be tricky. Not only is it dangerous it can be downright scary. It is best to leave it to the professionals. However there are some independent billboard companies or single sign owners that like to do it themselves. If that sounds like you then please read on to see some helpful hints to installing your own billboard.


You need ratchets every 4′. There are available in a number of lengths in both standard and heavy-duty configurations, making them ideal for virtually all flex face sign applications. Purchase ratchets that have a large tightening handle. The small metals ones are more difficult to use.

Billboard Installer

You will use gripper rods to slide through the billboard pocket. Solid PVC piping and hollow rods can become conductive. We only recommend fiberglass rods because metal rods can electrocute you if it touches electrical lines.

  • Non-conductive
  • Light-weight
  • Easy to transport
  • Long lasting

It is imperative that installers are wearing a safety harness. Wearing safety harnesses provide the best fall protection. Weather can have a huge factor whether a billboard surface is slippery.

Billboard Safety Harness

Billboard Safety Harness

Make sure to wear an OSHA required harness. They are lightweight and fully adjustable to any installers body type. This can be the difference between life or death.

Some billboard installers use bucket trucks and some use ladders. Bucket trucks may be the most common way to install a billboard. This is often chosen because it provides a clear view of where you are going and what you’re doing, but this method can also provide some challenges such as needing more space to get the bucket in position or risk potential falls when using ladders. Ladders require less space.

There are various ways an installer might choose to install a billboard. However the best way is “safety first”! Taking safety measures preemptively could save your life. If you choose to not install your own billboard make sure you hire a billboard installer that carries his or her own liability insurance. Also make sure they add you as “named as insured” on the policy. If your installer is not an employee of your company please make sure your contract laborer signs a contract that includes safety practices and that they will always carry liability. We would recommend talking with your attorney about best practices when hiring an installer.

Billboard installation costs

We get a lot of questions about billboard installation, but one of the most common is how much does billboard installation cost. A billboard can be installed for as little as $200 per install plus hardware. I have seen billboard installations cost up to $400 per install due to billboard specs. Please keep in mind that you might have to buy the hardware and pay for bucket truck rental. Basically every billboard install will be different per billboard company.

Billboards Etc can give you instant quotes on your billboard print. With free design, free shipping, and an excellent print you be pleased with our level of service. If you have more questions about billboard installation please give us a call at 580-326-1660 or visit us online. We also recommend you buying your hardware from Billboard Solutions. They will be helpful when buying hardware as they experts.