Outdoor Advertising: Why Design Matters

Many fall to the temptation of overlooking or completely neglecting the design of their outdoor ads. They seem to think that just throwing some words on a billboard or sign will automatically attract attention. Or maybe they believe that throwing an unattractive variety of color and flash will be the best idea for their chosen mode of advertising.

While both of these methods have been used effectively, the key behind their success is that there was a great deal of planning and thought that went behind the design. Every choice, whether it be only text or striking photography, was made with a particular goal in mind.

The design of your billboard can be the first impression that many people get of your business. This is why it’s important to make sure it counts.

Design helps start a conversation
It is a common mistake for many companies to place a billboard in a location and not put much thought into how it actually looks. You may have your ad in a great location, but it will remain ineffective if it can’t engage people and make them want to take action. Take the time to craft your call to action and form it in a way that speaks to your intended customer base.

Design helps define your audience
One thing that you should definitely keep in mind when it comes to the design of your outdoor ads is the interests and values held by your customer base or audience. Demographics play a key role in the effectiveness of your ad. Think about what type of people are potentially interested in your business and use the design to cater to their mindset. For example, there are many beverage companies that regularly use outdoor advertising. However, that are all able to differentiate themselves from each other by their specific audience. A sports drink may have an image of a person running or an alcoholic drink may have an image of people having fun at a party.

Design helps to maintain consistency
Another powerful aspect of great design that is especially relevant to billboard advertising is its ability to craft a consistent message across multiple prints. Many companies utilize several different billboards and outdoor ads to create their brand awareness. This means that it is extremely important to understand design and think about how these ads are going to interact with each other in a way that will facilitate brand recognition.

Design is extremely important to the overall messaging and effectiveness of your billboard or outdoor ad. It can be tempting to overlook it for other details such as placement of the ad, but the design will always be a priority when it comes to creating effective ads that engage a particular audience.

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