#PreBuyLocal Campaign

We recently were emailed an article about prebuying local. Kind of intrigued me so I read on.

“Simply put, it gets cash into the hands of owners you believe in today, in the hopes they will be here tomorrow. Think of local restaurants, physical trainers or massage therapists.” Fresh Books Founder & CEO.

We were inspired to reach out to our local favorite diners and worked together to promote #prebuylocal. Our concept was simple. Billboards Etc. prepaid for 30 lunches for seniors. The diner will deliver city wide at no cost to seniors that are legitimately scared to leave their homes. This was promoted on Facebook. Several things got accomplished here.

  1. Keeps our local restaurants producing and making money in a safe manner.
  2. Feeds our community.
  3. Creates brand awareness while helping others.
  4. Its the right thing to do.

The next campaign will be to deliver food at no cost to our medical professionals that have been exhausted by this in more ways than one. We have encouraged our local businesses to help with the campaign as well. When business is suffering it is a natural reaction to start cutting costs. As a business we should prepare. We still can find some money to help though. So far the campaign has been seen by thousands and shared multiple times.

Together We Can Do More!


   Team Billboards Etc.