Banner Frame

Banner and Sign Frames

Let customers see your messaging … not your hardware. Easily add this sturdy frame to the perimeter of your banner to hide springs and more. From large wallscapes to small point of purchase displays, our banner frames provide the best possible signage experience so you can deliver your message loud and clear.

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With easy installation and a clean look, our banner frames make your signage look professional. Prevent your banner from flapping around in the wind and getting damaged, and save money by eliminating the need for grommets. Offering a nice, tight fit every time, a banner frame is a great way to keep your customer’s focus on your advertising.

Traditional Mini Template

Retro Mini Template

Banner Frame Products

We offer both traditional mini billboards & retro mini billboards, perfect for promos & gift giving.


  • A Cordless Drill
  • Proper Screws
  • Tape Measures