A Simple Guide to a Trivision Billboard!

A Simple Guide to a Trivision Billboard!

Compactly designed and highly visible, the Trivision Billboard is perfect for motorists to attract their attention. This is much more interesting compared with ordinary billboards because of the rotating mechanism that has a really large visual impact. The Trivision or a rotating billboard frame features an innovative time-control system that allows it to rotate the three messages in different cycles per day. So, all in all, it is a very advanced way of advertising for the company.

What is Trivision Billboard?

A Trivision Billboard is a type of three-sided rotating billboard that is commonly used to advertise businesses and products. Trivision Billboards are a unique way to get your message across. Businesses and organizations use trivision billboards to cost-effectively advertise to a large number of people. The rotating panels of the billboard allow for a high degree of flexibility in terms of the types of ads that can be displayed, making them ideal for businesses that want to target a specific audience. It is also possible to use trivision billboards for public service announcements or emergency messages.


How does Trivision Billboard work?

A Trivision billboard is a type of electronic billboard that uses a rotating panel to display three separate images. Also, they consist of triangular prisms, which rotate 120 degrees each showing a new message of advertisement or information. This three sided billboards allows you to have several ads going at one time. You can have the same billboard with 3 different messages, or each one has its own unique message.

Benefits of using a Trivision Billboard

The billboard owner can put three advertisers on one side rather than just one. Which brings in more revenue.  When you are getting ready to install your new Trivision billboard, there are a number of benefits that will come from it. With trivision billboards, you can reach a large audience and advertise your products or services effectively. Three sides of the billboard allow passersby to see different messages, and the rotating feature ensures that passersby can see them all.

In addition to being able to reach a large number of people, Trivision billboards are also eye-catching. Because the billboard rotates, it’s different from other billboards. It also has three sides, so it’s easy to see different messages. This makes Trivision billboards an effective way to advertise products or services.

Finally, Trivision billboards are or rotating billboards are easy to put up and are a great way to advertise your business. Streets, shopping centers, or other high-traffic areas are ideal locations for them to display. This makes them convenient for businesses that want to advertise to a wide range of people.


Many businesses are always looking for new ways to advertise their products or services. While a trivision billboard is an older technology, there are still some billboard owners that like to have them around. We hope you enjoyed our article about what is Trivision Billboard. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your space on your billboard structure. Contact our friends at Rotapanel for additional trivision questions.


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