Questions to ask your customer before starting on a billboard design.

Billboard Design

Most of us have seen the billboards on the way while going somewhere. These billboards are used to communicate or pass a strong message and make that space more dynamic.

Billboards are the way to advertise something. This is basically a large-size advertisement space, and its main goal is to get the attention of passengers or the viewers.

We usually place these billboards in high-traffic areas or the traffic routes. We paste them generally at the busiest places with a short message, which can be easily seen by the passengers. These are made to raise interest in that product, which leads to the purchase of it.

When a customer comes to order a billboard, there are many questions that the company should ask before making it. In this blog, we are going to discuss these questions only. So, stay tuned till the end to know more about that.

Questions to be asked from the customers.

Billboards play a vital role in the promotion of the product. When we hire someone to create a billboard, many questions can be asked to customers before making or during the finalization of its design. And all the questions are related to their display on

The display

The first question, which we ask our customer is about the display. There are a few points and questions, which have to be discussed. These are:

Main statement for the Billboard

This is the main thing or can be understood as the structure of your billboard. Ask your customer to provide you with their main statement about the company or the specific product.

Picture to display on Billboard

Ask your customer whether they can provide you with a picture that they want to display. Ask them to provide real images if possible as human faces or real product photography can work best. For billboard design, a picture or image of the product is required to display on the billboard. Also, take an idea from the customer of how they want their billboard to look.

Logo of your company to display in Billboard

There is one more thing, which will be required, and that is the logo of that company or that product to tell viewers. Ask them to provide their business/company logo.

Contact Information

This is also required to make a billboard. You can ask them to provide their contact information like contact number. We advise sticking with the basics. Billboards should contain directional, website address or phone number. We high discourage email addresses. Keep it as simple as possible.

Color preferences

This is another part of an attractive billboard design. You should ask about their color preferences and what background color, and font color they want for their design. If the customer has something specific in their mind then billboards need to be designed accordingly else the billboard design company also knows how to play with colors for an effective and eye-catching design.

Billboard Sizes & Dimensions

Ask your customer what size your billboard is. Besides standard size, there are different sizes available. It is better to know about the customer preferences regarding the size, dimensions, and specifications of the billboard so as to create the design as per the customer’s requirements.

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