How Billboards Impacted the Music Industry




There was once a time when the entertainment industry and billboard advertising didn’t exactly gel together the way that they do now. Sure, billboards have long been used to showcase products and advertise for many businesses, but how did music become a part of the advertising craze?

The first advertising idea came from Jac Holtzman, founder of Elektra Records, in 1967. He was trying to get the word out about a great new band that he had recently signed, The Doors. Driving through L.A. every day, he began to notice the drastic number of billboards advertising everything except music, or any form of entertainment, for that matter. He took a chance and plastered The Doors debut album onto one single billboard in L.A.

This album became known as one of the best selling debut records of all time. With the help of the single billboard, it was pushed into legendary status.

Very soon after, billboard marketing became a necessity for music, art, and film. Even today, it shows a lasting impact and helps to develop an audience of listeners, or viewers, which would not have heard about it prior to seeing the billboard.

This is just a small instance of the various artists that have prospered from utilizing billboard marketing. With these successes in mind, what can advertising do for you? This example has shown that, no matter what form, billboards can help to benefit anyone.


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