The Psychology of Advertising

PsychologyAdvertising is no new phenomenon. People have been familiar with getting their attention called from various signs and banners since close to the beginning of time. What is it about advertising that drives people? Why has it worked for so long?


This article will attempt to explore some of the psychological properties associated with advertising and how utilizing these properties will bring more engagement to your business or product.


Remnants of billboards and signs can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians. They soon discovered that they could use Papyrus to display messages of sales. This quickly evolved to the ancient Greeks and Romans who used signs and banners to keep people informed of local events and shows. Over time, this advertising has gradually become what we have today. From ancient Egypt to Times Square, billboard advertising has remained a staple for gaining new customers.


People are simply more adept to sight. It is the most powerful stimulus, which is why having the correct design and colors is a must for any billboard. People have understood from very early on the importance of displaying businesses and products. Even in the digital age that we are living in, traditional methods such as billboard advertising remain extremely effective.

The power of association is the main key of any great advertisement. It is important that people make associations with your brand. The best way to do this is through billboards. For example; Let’s say you are a restaurant in a local metropolitan area. You have strategically placed a billboard so that arriving drivers will notice it. They may drive right past it and it seems like they pay no attention. However, every time they see your sign, they are associating your restaurant with food. Chances are, when they get hungry, they will immediately think of your restaurant. This works with any other product or service you can think of.

Think of this; Why do most advertisements rely on catchy jingles and bright colors?

Before creating an ad, it is important to understand the logical of the modern consumer. Learn how people think and make decisions. A little information can take you a long way and maybe even create a large fan-base for you and your company.


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