Outdoor Advertising and Your Brand Image

Brand image is important to consider in the process of designing your billboard or outdoor advertising campaign.
Outdoor advertising is effective through its ability to promote a a very specific image of your brand. Outdoor advertising works in repetition. Potential customers are seeing your ads often multiple times a day. This means that your billboard or outdoor ad will need special focus on the representation and image of your brand. This is more important for outdoor ads over any other type of advertising medium.
How do I represent my brand image in outdoor ads?
The first step in designing your campaign will be to evaluate your current brand image. You want to take a look at other aspects of your business that require design such as your website, social media pages, and other ads that you may have. They should be consistent as far as your imagery goes and your outdoor ads will work as an extension of these platforms. The visual elements should be in line with all of these.
You always want to ensure that your outdoor ads are consistent with the colors and logo options that are associated with your brand. For example, if you have a billboard ad that looks different than your website it could confuse customers who saw the billboard and then visited your site.
What design elements are important?
Every single aspect of your billboard is representative of your brand or organization. Each piece of design that the potential customers see will go into their cognitive association with your brand image. You definitely want to get this part correct straight from the beginning.
Maintain a consistent logo and evaluate everything down to the colors and shapes that are being utilized for the ads. Consider the overall tone of the ads themselves. Do you have a humorous outdoor ad that then leads to a professional, corporate style website? Many people will find inconsistencies like this confusing.
Things to remember
Take some time to research successful ad campaigns from brands such as Chic-Fil-A and McDonald’s. These companies have developed memorable outdoor ads that work to push their brands across multiple billboard and outdoor advertising campaigns.

Think about the messages that are being promoted throughout each of these. Each campaign is equally efficient in promoting a certain tone that they want associated with their business. For example, you have Chic-Fil-A’s fun and humorous “EAT MOR CHIKIN” ads and then compare them to something more touching and personal like Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” campaign.
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