Why Photography is Important to Your Outdoor Ad Design

Photography can go a long way when it comes to billboard or outdoor ad design. In fact, many experts say that outdoor ads that focus on imagery over words can lead to a much higher ROI.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Ad copy can only present a certain amount of information. Examples of this include websites, hashtags, social media handles, and specific information about sales or specials. You are often unable to show this relevant information in a photo alone. However, there are certain lifestyle and brand opportunities that give a well placed photo an edge over the ad copy. When planning the design, it is always helpful to understand what parts of the ad will be most visible and plan accordingly in the design stages.

The balancing act

Showing a billboard with a high quality, striking photograph will certainly attract attention. With this in mind, it is important to balance the other elements so that they compliment the design
A great example of this would be the #TeamAdidas campaign. Adidas used this photo to gain attention and promote their product.  However, both the hashtag and the logo are also placed in small, but noticeable areas on the ad.

This shows that little more than a photo and a hashtag can create a billboard and social media campaign.
Many companies find success in using outdoor ads that focus mostly on photography. As mentioned above, experts find that people are more willing to pay attention to a photo and remember it over an ad filled with words.
You can achieve great results for your ads by investing in photography and high quality printing!
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