Don’t make these common billboard design mistakes!

Have you been driving down the highway and noticed a billboard that really stood out? Have you seen a billboard that was so clever or funny that you couldn’t help but remember it? Great billboards never have trouble gathering attention and, in turn, business for the company that is advertising. It’s what they were DESIGNED to do. Unfortunately, not every business seems to get the memo and ends up wasting money and time by creating less than appealing billboard advertisements. I’m going to take a look at a few bad billboard designs and show you ways that these could easily be fixed. However, please remember that the business or company themselves are not being criticized. My opinions are only on the design of the billboard and do not reflect my thoughts on the business themselves.


1. Poor Billboard Photography

When you’re advertising a product, always remember to have the best photo quality possible. It may seem easier and more cost effective to simply take a photo yourself, but you would actually benefit more by hiring a professional to handle the photos on your billboard. This may be the first time that someone is seeing your product. You want to make sure that their first impression is a good one.




2. Cluttered Design

clutteredThis is a VERY common mistake, and one that is very understandable too. You have many things about your business that you want people to know about. Maybe you have the best prices, the best products, etc, but it’s important to understand that, while these are good things that people should know, throwing all that information on your billboard simply means that it’s going to be overlooked. Always remember to keep it simple and direct when it comes to billboard design.


3. Lack of Contrast

badbillboard3Another very common mistake is not allowing enough contrast between the letters and the background. Without contrasting colors, the words will be practically invisible especially in the sunlight. The key to billboard design is to ensure that the message stands out and pops from the background image or color.






4. Poor Placement

BillboardtreesBillboard placement is a top priority when it comes to outdoor advertising. You’ve spent your money on getting the perfect design, but that design will be useless if no one can see it! Make sure that you place your billboard in a busy area without any obstructions that could potentially block it.







5. Choosing Poor Font Styles

fontTake a look at the difference between these font styles. It’s clear that the more effective fonts are simply easier to read. Try to shy away from fancy or more complex fonts as much as possible. This will ensure that every word will be seen with clarity.




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